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Play tennis. Learn and grow together.


Magnuson Park

  • Our tennis and educational after-school program for youth in grades 2-8 takes place two days a week at Mercy Magnuson and Tennis Center Sand Point in Magnuson Park.

  • Our goal at STEF is to provide each of our student-athletes with a positive tennis and overall learning experience. Activities like tennis, writing, directed discovery and more contribute immensely to social and emotional development.

  • At STEF, play and creativity are highly valued because research shows kids who engage in regular physical activity and the arts have better academic outcomes. 

  • STEF programming is provided free of charge to low income families. 

Sand Point Elementary

  • Our partnership with Sand Point Elementary takes place after school two days a week. 

  • This class will focus on physical activity and tennis basics.

  • We will introduce groundstrokes, volleys, and serves with a focus on play and fun! Kids will improve their footwork, build upon their hand eye coordination, and most importantly have a blast being active and playing tennis

  • Kids must attend Sand Point Elementary to be considered and programming is free of charge to low income families.

  • Visit Sand Point Elementary's PTA page to sign up!


Important Enrollment Information: 


To find our more information about either program or simply get in touch: email us at or call 425-298-5619.

To apply for our Magnuson Park Programming, please complete our online enrollment application.

No tennis experience or equipment is necessary to participate, we just ask that all participants bring a positive and respectful attitude and that they are open to trying new things!

We look forward to meeting you.

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