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Seattle Tennis and Education Foundation is a nonprofit that inspires under-resourced kids to be active in mind and body so they gain the confidence and skills to achieve their dreams.



​STEF believes all kids should have the opportunity to be healthy, confident and strong so they can realize their full potential. 



STEF aims to help level the playing field for kids across the Seattle area, because not every child or family has access to quality schools, a first-rate education and opportunities to engage in lifetime sports like tennis. All people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic background are valuable, worthy and talented and should have access to equal opportunities. 


Arthur Ashe cofounded the NJTL network in 1969. He envisioned the NJTL as a way to reach young people in inner cities and to use tennis as a platform to teach them important life lessons. The goals at the NJTL’s founding remain the same: instilling in youngsters the values of leadership and academic excellence; and giving all kids (regardless of income, race, or gender) the opportunity to fully develop their tennis skills so they can derive a life time of enjoyment from the sport and experience its myriad benefits.


The primary school and middle school years are a crucial time during which children acquire coordination, complex technical and social skills and the confidence to succeed. Studies show that youth who engage in sports and are supported by coaches and mentors gain many benefits, including physical fitness, alleviation of depression, increased attendance, higher matriculation rates and better academic outcomes in school. STEF’s year 'round academy after-school enrichment programming provides measurable results in these areas and more.

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