Rylee Hafitz - Managing Director

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Rylee moved to Seattle in 2019 to pursue her passion of service and educational equity. For the last two years, she served with City Year in a middle school in West Seattle where she provided students with classroom academic support as well as helping them build confidence, empathy, and goal setting skills. Before moving to Washington, she received her BA in Psychology from Emory University.

Rylee found her love for tennis in middle school and hasn’t stopped playing since! The tennis court was where she learned the importance of teamwork and hard work and where she found community. She is passionate about instilling these same ideals in young people by engaging with and empowering them through tennis and setting them up for success.

When she is not on the tennis court, Rylee enjoys baking, hiking, and traveling. She loves all of the adventures, activities, and beauty that Washington has to offer.


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Tanner Adams - Manager, Youth Development & Tennis

Tanner recently relocated from the Bay Area, CA back to her hometown here in Seattle, WA.  She has spent the last five years working with at-risk youth in a variety of settings, where she grew a passion for serving children through athletics and education. During this time, she also was working in college athletics and most recently was the Assistant Women’s basketball coach for Santa Rosa Junior College. 


While playing basketball in college, Tanner received her BA from Sonoma State University, then proceeded to earn her MA from the University of San Francisco. She firmly believes that sports brings community, structure, and endless opportunities for children to grow and achieve their goals. 


In her free time, Tanner likes to live an active lifestyle playing sports and being outdoors. She is passionate about traveling, nutrition, and building healthy life habits. 

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Kyrsten Bruce - Tennis Coach and Mentor

Kyrsten recently moved from Fond du Lac, WI where she received her BS in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology from Marian University. For the last two years she has worked at the Fond du Lac YMCA as a wellness coach and youth fitness program instructor where she helped people of all ages learn how to enjoy fitness in a fun and safe way. During this time, she also worked as a tennis supervisor for the Fond du Lac Recreation Department where she found her passion for coaching and educating the youth.

Kyrsten started playing tennis at the age of nine and has continued to play throughout her life. Tennis has been an important aspect of Kyrsten’s life because her parents were in the military which meant moving frequently. Tennis is where she found community and learned how to be a good teammate and communicator. She believes that sports have a great impact on children because it helps them build confidence and learn important life skills.


During her free time, she enjoys hiking, being outdoors, and arts and crafts. She is enthusiastic about finding new adventures and learning new things.

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