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STEF 2021/2022 After-School Program Information 


We are currently planning for the summer and have some availability coming up for spring tennis as current restrictions evolve. Registering now places you on waitlist and a staff member will contact you when space is available.

Students enrolled participate not only in tennis, but in educational programming ,as well.  We are currently working on life skills such as active listening, staying positive, and being kind to yourself. We have a community Zoom once a week where we play games, read books, and socialize. 


Educational programming changes throughout the year and we collaborate with schools and each student’s teachers to find the best ways to empower student-athletes to succeed. All programming is currently after school (specific days vary depending on group) either outdoors at Magnuson Park or at Tennis Center at Sand Point in Magnuson Park.


STEF After-School Program Important Information:

  • The program is offered free of charge. Your child will be enrolled in all three academic year sessions listed above. Summer session will also be offered.

  • Each day will feature tennis or physical activity/guided play as well as unique program modules designed to awaken curiosity, self-esteem and to deepen learning

  • We welcome youth in grades 3 - 5 to the program

  • Youth will need to be picked up within 15 minutes of program end each day

  • STEF delivers proven academic and athletic programming that foster self-sufficiency and help participants develop the skills and confidence to succeed in school and beyond

  • No programming Thanksgiving week and during Spring Break. STEF follows the Seattle Public Schools academic calendar.

  • All program materials are provided

  • Nutritious after-school snack is included

  • Youth are expected to interact with other children, be attentive and to attend all sessions

  • Children are required to participate in all activities as instructed by STEF staff as they are able

  • Failure to follow the rules and STEF Code of Conduct can result in expulsion from the program

  • Disrespect of STEF staff, any provider’s staff, mentors and instructors, refusal to follow instructions, fighting, bullying of any type, are grounds for immediate dismissal

  • Enrichment programming includes modules in the arts, music, writing, field trips, science, guided discovery and much more, as well as tennis learning and play during the academic year.

  • Pathways to continued play and learning outside of STEF programming will be offered in many subject areas, including tennis

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