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Seattle Tennis and Education Foundation CODE OF CONDUCT



The staff at Seattle Tennis and Education Foundation (STEF) is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for each child. STEF Student-Athletes are responsible for upholding behavior standards and model good behavior among their peers and STEF staff.

Parents are responsible for making sure their child/ren understand/s the Code of Conduct guidelines below.


Our first expectation is that all student-athletes will participate in all activities and have a positive attitude in our after-school program.



Students must:


Respect people (each other, guests, mentors and instructors) and property (yours and others’) at all times.


  • Follow all rules and regulations at each program site/facility.

  • Play fairly and honestly.

  • Applaud the efforts of others.

  • Never bully anyone.

  • Not use any inappropriate or foul language.

  • Refrain from touching others in any harmful or inappropriate way.

  • Resolve disagreements in a positive way.

  • Wear non-marking athletic shoes when on the tennis court.

  • Clean up after themselves.

  • Inform staff if they are experiencing a problem with another student or any other issue. 

  • Utilize the buddy system whenever they are traveling to the tennis facility, around Magnuson Park or on field trips.

  • Practice good racquet safety at all times on and around the tennis court.

  • Follow safety instructions for all activities.

Violation of the CODE OF CONDUCT can be grounds for dismissal from the program.




Tobacco, vaping, drugs, alcohol and weapons are strictly prohibited within 100 feet of any STEF activities or STEF-supervised functions.


STEF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access organization. We are inclusive and we celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. STEF believes diversity drives innovation and creativity. All are welcome and STEF does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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